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It is important to have the right support as you embark upon your healing journey.

You want to ensure that the experience, skills, and personality meet your needs.

To help you determine if my services and disposition are a good fit for you, I offer a 45-minute  complimentary session.

During the clarity session, we will discuss…

  • Your current struggles
  • What you are trying to accomplish
  • How coaching can benefit you
  • How I can support you in meeting your goals
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In order to fully embrace your healing journey, you must extend yourself grace and space to feel in order to Do.The.Work. required to deal with it all.

As your Mindset and Transformation Inner Wellness Coach, I will help you FEEL.DEAL.HEAL. through online coaching, masterclasses, and my annual Inner Wellness Retreat.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Work With Me …


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One-on-One Coaching

Online personal coaching to heal from trauma, build self-confidence and find your purpose!

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Inner Wellness Retreat

This healing retreat is about full participation, authentic transformation, and radical results.

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H.O.W. Academy

Healing Our Wounds the Agile way. Emotional health and stability in the least time possible!

It’s Time to… DO.THE.WORK.!

Doing the work is the hard part, but together we will embrace and navigate every path that leads to your inner wellness in the pursuit of happiness, wholeness, and healing from the inside out.

I am here to guide you, hold the mirror, and help you see – the BEautiful you that has been buried,  consumed and weighed down by past experiences, traumas, and conditioning.

Once you acknowledge that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and then commit to DO.THE.WORK., I will help you take action and hold your hand every step of the way, so you can safely embark upon your journey.

Inner Wellness Coaching

I truly thank God for blessing my journey with Dione. Her coaching gave me the confidence to face any challenge. We have worked through my fears, insecurities, and generational traumas. I gained renewed energy and feel I am in control of my future. Thank you!



As your Inner Wellness Coach, I provide tools and insights that will give you clarity to help you move forward on your healing journey. Work with me if you…

Are stuck and don't know how to move forward

Feel insecure and seek approval from others often

Feel empty, alone and without purpose

Are engaging in unhealthy relationships or experiencing heartbreak

Desire to strengthen your relationship with God, yourself, and others

Suffer from anxiety self-sabotage, or depression

Have survived traumatic experiences which control your daily life

Are grieving loss or loneliness

Are caught in a cycle of mistakes, bad decisions and acting out

Desire the safety of a tribe and community who understands you

Open your heart… Choose Yourself!

You deserve…

  • To live… instead of existing and sitting on the sideline of your life.
  • To thrive… instead of going through the motions and surviving day by day.
  • To be genuinely happy and energized throughout the day.
  • To be fulfilled… finally living, loving, and serving as God created you to.

    I have been through many dark seasons and I personally can attest that the healing journey can be hard, scary, and painful. But you are not alone, and I am living proof that it is worth it!